Who we are?

Who we are?

Krakowskie Centrum Innowacyjnych Technologii INNOAGH is a limited liability company operating since 2010, whose sole owner is the AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow.

Our key values include:

  • Creative partnership
  • Efficiency of operations (rationality of operations, transparency)
  • Capacity for interdisciplinary projects
  • In-depth understanding of the innovation environment
  • Appreciation of entrepreneurial people

INNOAGH’s mission is to create academic technology startups and develop business based on knowledge and modern technologies.

Our operational activities focus on three domains:

  1. Creating technology start-ups

    INNOAGH’s task is to commercialize indirectly the results of scientific research and development work carried out at AGH through the establishment and acquisition of shares in spin-off companies. INNOAGH supports inventors, substantively and organizationally, in creating companies based on innovative academic technologies and inventions. The INNOAGH team, together with a team of scientists, creates the new venture’s business model, IP protection policy, strategy for its development, relations with investors and industry partners.

  2. Development work and innovative projects

    The Cracow Center for Innovative Technologies INNOAGH was also established to build a lasting relationship between science and business. Through cooperation with various institutions and experts, INNOAGH effectively combines innovative technologies and knowledge developed at the University with the needs of industry. INNOAGH carries out a wide range of commissioned research and pro-innovation services (e.g. Innovation Vouchers for SMEs) for businesses using expert knowledge and laboratory facilities, not only those of the University’s home institution.

  3. Technology business competence center

    INNOAGH also offers a number of training courses, workshops in the field of entrepreneurship with a particular focus on the commercialization of intellectual property through the construction and development of technology start-ups.

If then

  • Do you have an idea but don’t know what to do next with your project?
  • Do you want to initiate collaboration with a respected technical university and take your company to the next level of development?
  • Are you in need of a scientific expert or partner for your team?
  • Do you want to discuss your business model?
  • Are you planning to enhance the technological aspects of your product?

We invite you to explore the details of our offerings and get in touch with our team.

Meet our team

Dominik Kowal
Marta Gorczowska
Research and innovation projects
Aneta Dygas
Academic entrepreneurship
Justyna Topolska
New business development
Beata Seweryn
Menedżerka Innowacji
Agnieszka Okoń
Company office



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