B+R+I services

As intermediaries in the science-business relationship, we have access to both current knowledge represented by scientists with extensive experience in technology implementation and modern infrastructure. INNOAGH’s main areas of activity in research, development, and innovation include:

  1. Execution of projects and pro-innovation services
    Through continuous observation and a thorough understanding of the conditions for innovation, we can guide you in the development of your product or service offerings. With the participation of determined scientists, doctoral candidates, and students, we create a space for creative thinking, which is essential for the development of your business challenges. We know how to harness the intellectual and technical potential of the university to best meet your individual needs.
  2. Integration of partners from the fields of science and business
    Drawing on our extensive experience, we provide support in connecting industry representatives with AGH experts. We offer advice on forming scientific teams to provide R&D services that respond to your inquiries. We facilitate negotiations for research contracts and coordinate the activities of multiple partners, including those from other universities.

We collaborate with:

  • Entrepreneurs, public institutions, local authorities, and NGO organizations that need to outsource specific tasks due to the need to supplement their own human or infrastructural resources.
  • Subject matter experts, scientists, doctoral candidates, and academic groups looking to develop and utilize their knowledge and experience to execute implementation projects.


If you have a technological or business challenge that your organization is facing and you would like to harness the potential of one of the key technical universities in Poland, please reach out to us!


If you have an idea, technology, or solution that could find practical application, we invite you to get in touch!