Expert services

In addition to B+R+I services, we also offer professional expert services.

Our attractive offering, which can be tailored to your needs, is made possible through collaboration with outstanding experts representing various areas of knowledge and experience, including technical, technological, business, and legal issues, both domestically and internationally.

The scientific potential of AGH, along with our network of partners, ensures the highest quality of our services.

As a member of the Special Purpose Companies Agreement (PSC), which currently represents over twenty such organizations, we help create a platform for initiatives at the intersection of science and business. Thanks to this, INNOAGH has access to a vast pool of experts, scientists, and research infrastructure, including laboratories, located at most Polish universities and research institutes.

If you are wondering whether we could assist in solving a problem in your institution, or if you need a specific solution or professional, independent expertise, please familiarize yourself with our expert services offerings and don’t hesitate to contact the INNOAGH team.

Expert services